Romantic Maternity Session | Bull Creek Austin

I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. 

--Emma Stone. 

Countless times, Stella and I have talked about womanhood and the struggles that come with it, what we would change, what we would tell our younger selves if we could, and what we would want for our own little girl should we ever have one.

Well as it turns out, Stella and Aaron now have a sweet baby girl on the way and we're all so thrilled-- though we know it won't be easy. This quote from Emma Stone is so fitting for Stella and this time in her life.  She's the embodiment of beauty because she embraces who she is, and even more, she embraces the other women around her too.  She just loves you as you are. She encourages you to stay true to what feels most right for you-- to let your gut and your inner voice be your navigational guide. How many people do you know that love that way?

My friendship with Stella has taught me so much. It's strengthened me many times over, in fact. She's given me courage when I had none, a long hug when I've desperately needed one, and a good talking to to straighten me out when I've gone off course. That's the kind of woman you can be proud to call a best-friend. So, I'm excited for this little woman that Stella and Aaron are going to be raising very soon-- because between them, I know she's going to be one hell of a strong, brilliant, and bold woman. She will know that she is loved and she will be mindfully guided through the difficult path of girlhood. She will be encouraged to be her own person and will constantly be celebrated for who she is.  We can't wait to witness it. Women supporting women and encouraging others to love passionately and fearlessly is what this world needs more of. Congrats, Stella and Aaron! Thank you for the pleasure of having us document this beautiful transitional period in your lives. <3