Why I love Dubsado and How it's Significantly Helped My Business

It didn’t take me long of being full-time in my business to realize something needed to change if I was going to stay on top of all the things. I knew I would really benefit from a system that could help me automate my tasks, manage my clients, and streamline things like invoicing and contract signing to improve the client-experience and save me loads of time! I was juggling too many things.

Before signing up for Dubsado, I explored several CRMS. I researched for several weeks and even made a feature comparison table of my top 3 choices after searching dozens of options that included companies like Honeybook, 17 Hats, Tave, ShootProof, StudioNinja, Picr, and more. I figured since I’ve done all that research, I’ll save you the trouble.

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Let me tell you why I ultimately chose Dubsado and why I haven’t regretted it for one single day.

I just wish I had done it sooner.

I knew a CRM was going to be a financial investment but also would require a lot of time upfront so I wanted something that did it all. Here are the things I definitely wanted:

  1. Great customer service that wouldn’t leave me up creek without a paddle

  2. Contract Signing, Invoicing, and Online Payments

  3. Syncing to my google calendar and gmail account

  4. Workflows that would allow me to automate tasks

  5. Accounting to keep track of income and expenses

  6. Payment Schedules and Reminders

  7. Customizable Forms and Templates, like questionnaires and proposals

  8. Clean and good-looking interface I wouldn’t get sick of looking at

  9. Not outrageously priced and with longevity


A few companies met some or most of my “must-have” list… but here’s where Dubsado really turned the tide for me:

THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BOSS. Dubsado had the best customer service, hands down. They have a live chat, a facebook community, weekly live videos and webinars, and one-on-one support. They were quick to respond and guide me any time I have needed it. They clearly value their clients and care about my experience.

THEIR TRIAL IS UNTIMED. You’re allowed to sign up for a free trial of Dubsado for your first 3 clients, however long that takes. Instead of only having a 30-day free trial, you’ve got as long as you need! You can take advantage to set it up at your own pace, explore all the features, and even test it out on clients before you ever begin paying! **

VALUE IS UNMATCHED. Dubsado had the best price point for all they offered— they had more features than I even thought to include. And the best part is— you’re locked into your price point when you sign on, as long as you keep your membership active. Dubsado has continuously rolled out new features and their rates have increased to reflect the incredible upgrades, but I get rewarded for being a committed member and get to keep my sign on rate!

MY BRANDING WINS, NOT THEIRS. Dubsado allows me to white-label all of my content and communications to my clients, creating a more tailored and professional appearance. This means that instead of Dubsado applying their brand colors and logo on everything I send off to my clients (including even the URL), only my own branding and logo appears. It’s not obvious I’m using a platform from another company and I can have everything match my own brand. No other CRM I searched for provided this amazing service!

THEY’RE ALWAYS IMPROVING. Some of the reviews and complaints I read about other CRMS stated that they had been promising certain things to their customers that never were delivered. Or that they wouldn’t get back to you when you had a question. I’ve been using dubsado for a year, and they’ve rolled out something new almost weekly, from small things to HUGE things— like a SCHEDULER! There’s always ample help to walk you through any new changes, too!


  • Dubsado has really made my life easier and it’s made me look much more professional. In fact, I constantly get complimented by clients on my systems and the ease of booking, and have been asked by several other entrepreneurs to walk through it with them and help them set up their own accounts.

  • The Scheduler means I don’t have pay a separate fee for a scheduling service like Acuity to make appointments— which never matched my branding. Now I can set up a scheduler for clients in a platform I already use, even systematize it so it goes out automatically, and it matches my own branding creating a seamless look.

  • Dubsado has tons of integrations —for instance, I link Dubsado to my Quickbooks account and all my transactions are imported to my bookkeeping making my books more robust.

  • The time-tracker is awesome, but they also have other project-management features like task boards.

  • Dubsado will enter 10 FORMS for you for FREE! You send them your files and they help get the ball rolling for you. They’ll also help you migrate your stuff over from any previous system.

  • Dubsado is a small business themselves— even though they’re growing. You get to talk to a real human, know who is working behind the scenes and match faces to staff, ,and feel like you’re part of something great!

  • Pricing is locked in once you join! Not only are they affordable, but once you join, you’re locked into that rate for life as long as you maintain an active membership! Another incredible feature no one else offers!


I’ve been using Dubsado for a year now and my business and systems have only grown stronger. My favorite thing about Dubsado have been the compliments I continue to receive from clients talking about my professionalism and ease of use!

Dubsado is celebrating their 3rd birthday this week— so now is the perfect time to join!

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Source: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=aliciasentme