Personalizing your Business Brand with a Lifestyle Branding Session | Austin, TX

When Jen reached out to me for her personal branding session, she had never had a professional photo shoot before! She decided she needed help because she knew that the photos on her website were outdated and that they really didn’t feel or look like her. She was ready for better and she knew it was time to treat herself to a professional photo experience.

As our businesses grow so does our brand personality. Our messaging, direction, and visions strengthen and our audiences can sometimes shift or change. Your business photos should grow with you and should highlight your unique traits and the person you are with or to your clients.

Jennifer is one of the kindest, warmest, and friendliest women I’ve met— and her website wasn’t reflecting that. So, we worked together to define her goals, her audience, and the message she wanted to convey through her visual marketing… and then we brought that warmth into her Austin Branding Session.

We tend to think that if our business is very professional, it means that our personality in our photos should reflect that, but times are changing. We can be professionals and not come across in our photos as “corporate” or wearing business suits.

Today, people want to buy from business owners they like and know. That’s where lifestyle branding photography becomes such a great alternative to stiff corporate headshots.

People want to see the real you. Together, we’ll make that happen!