7 Tips on Choosing What to Wear for Your Photo Session

"What are we going to wear!?" That is the question my husband and I hurled to each other in a fury when we were trying to pick outfits for our first ever photos--the day before. (tsk tsk) I remember the anxiety that poured over us both and the feeling of frustration and overwhelm. 

Choosing your wardrobe for a photography session can feel daunting.  I get it, so I'm here to make it easier for you.  

Use these 7 tips to help ensure wardrobe success!

  1. Get a Jump Start on the process. Don't wait until the last minute to pick out your clothes for your session and put everything together. It will only add to the stress you might already feel. Plan in advance and feel at ease knowing that you have time to run your clothing choices by us if you need a 2nd opinion. (And also time to make changes if you want or need.)
  2. Use a COLOR PALETTE as a guide (this is especially helpful for family or group photos). You do not need to be matchy-matchy to your spouse or family members. Do you dress like each other in real life? My guess is no. The trick is to complement each other by being different--and that's easy to do if you use a color palette. You can all wear different colors or tones and still look totally cohesive while maintaining your own identity. Also, consider the location when trying to find a palette that works and try incorporating some color elements from the scene. (See #6) You can easily find some color palettes on Pinterest you can use if you're stuck. 
  3. Incorporate Textures. Ever seen a really great photo of a living room and wondered why it looked so fabulous? Textures are a huge trick of the trade in design. The combination of layering textures adds interest and a feeling of completion in a space or photo.
  4. Think Layers. Like textures, layers can add dimension and interest to your photos. Think hats, scarves/summer scarves, vests, blazers, and accessories--that sort of thing. If you've got things you want to layer, incorporate them. If it's blazing hot outside, it's ok to be minimalistic too. 
  5. Be Comfortable. It's super important here to be yourself. (I mean, the best version of you in this case. Dress to impress while still staying true to you). If what you put on doesn't make you feel good, you're not going to feel good at the photo session in it either. If it is something you'd never in your life wear, don't wear it for your photos.  Wear things that suit your personality and also make you feel confident, comfortable, and/or beautiful. When you look good, you feel good ( and vice versa). And when you feel good, it comes across in your images.
  6. Consider Location/Theme/Weather. What colors and types of clothing are appropriate for your session location or the time of year? You can incorporate some color elements from a location into your wardrobe to create cohesion, just don't go crazy. For instance, if you're having a beach session, you don't want to be in a full body sandy colored outfit--you'd blend into the background and be lost. But, it'd be cool if you pulled some of those sandy and blue elements from the beach into your wardrobe and accessories so the scene works together nicely with what you're wearing.  Also, consider types of clothing. Are you planning on wearing stilettos at the grand canyon? Does it fit the location or will it look totally out of place? If it's not something you might wear in a semi-real life scenario to that location, you might be better off to rule that piece of clothing out. 
  7. Get a 2nd Opinion. If you're stuck, reach out to us or a friend/family member for another opinion. Fresh eyes can help. We want you to feel gorgeous and come ready to rock your photo session! 

Try this:

Use a color palette and mix textures. You'll look cohesive while still maintaining your own individual styles. 

Choosing a wardrobe can be simple if you use these tips as your guide. Remember that it's fine to do some google/pinterest searching for wardrobe palettes and inspiration!