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Hello there, you.

My name is Alicia and I'm an Austin-based portrait & lifestyle photographer with a passion for empowering women through the journey of photography.


My goal is that everyone I serve leaves feeling better than they did when they arrived, including:

  • seen + understood

  • celebrated

  • beautiful in their own skin

  • unafraid to be themselves

  • reminded that imperfections do not diminish their worth

  • exhausted from all the fun

  • and encouraged to capture all the phases of their journey -- from the big, life-changing moments to the smaller, every day ones... without a tinge of guilt for wanting to do so.

There is no shame in your game.

I want you to show up as yourself and I'll handle the rest, babe. 

I don’t just care that you love your photos; I equally care that you love the experience of creating those photos—so that when you look back at your images you don’t only cherish those captured memories, but also the process of capturing them.

I've been photographing others since 2012, but my love affair with photography was present long before that.

In college, my now husband (Gilbert) bought me my first "big girl" camera and told me to get to work on that dream of mine. I read the manual inside and out, learning how to use it by taking my photogenic dog, Lucy, on practice shoots in bluebonnet fields where she smiled accomodatingly.

I loved the creativity and freedom that came with seeing life through a viewfinder. It helped me be present and in the moment. It took all the unnecessary clutter out of my brain whenever I was holding it, but it wasn't until I began photographing other women that I realized how much photography could fill me up and ignite my spirit.

As a woman, I know how hard it can be to feel good about yourself, especially in this social media world we live in. I know the cycle of self-doubt, comparison, and body shaming and I too have struggled with my own self-worth.

As a photographer, I offer women a new view of themselves from the outside looking in and it's beautiful. We are so often our own worst critics. Our esteem wears down over the years and becomes skewed, so it helps to get a fresh perspective from someone who is cheering you on. I have found that through photography and the way I see other women, not only is my cup filled up, but hers is too. In a way, we both find healing.

My experience with Alicia was nothing short of amazing. She has the ability to capture the most unique and beautiful images, all while you barely notice she’s there. Any occasion that life throws our way I will call Alicia to capture! Can’t say enough good things! Love Love Love!
— Lindsay M

Want to see more samples of our work?

The way to my heart is a travel adventure, a good meal accompanied by a glass of wine and deep conversation, and a furry four-legged friend. I’m obsessed with gleams of morning light, trying out new baking recipes to share with Nan, and improving my health in both mind and body. I'm an introverted nacho lover and dog-kisser with a serious sweet-tooth and I belive life is better lived with guac.

When I'm not serving my clients, you can often find me trying out local coffee shops with my handsome hubs and assistant, Gil. Fun Fact: We did not have a taste or inclination for coffee at all until a trip to Paris in December of 2016, where we resorted to trying it out of exahausted desperation, and have since never wanted to put it back down. 

We are travelers, nature-enthusiasts, and also binge-tv watchers. We think "making-it-in-life" is being able to order guac without worrying about the up-charge and we also think it's a total betrayal to watch the next episode of our current tv series without the other. Do we have anything in common? We would love to hear more about you.

In case you're wondering, it's totally normal to feel a little awkward the first few minutes you're in front of the lens as you get familiar with how things work. Don't you worry, I’ll guide you the whole way through, cheer you on, and also allow space for the unexpected moments that occur naturally when you're being yourself and your with the ones you love.

At your session we invite you to be adventurers alongside us and embrace the moment. We'll worry about all the details so you can just be present and enjoy the ride. We love it when are couples and families are up for most anything and we are happy to lend support along the way. 

Life is happening now. Time is moving right along so it's time you got moving, too. I would love to be the photographer to help you create the images and experience you've been patiently waiting for, so let's get started! 

Contact me today to see if I'm the right fit for you and I'll walk you through the next steps of planning your session!